Change Name or Address BELOW and Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT Cook County Property Taxes!

That's right, we have thousands of taxpayers who have simply had enough and they are doing something about it, they're FIGHTING. They fight up to 4 times a year, each and every year. We are 5 Stars Everywhere and we have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. Cook County is terribly expensive and it's only getting worse. We are the #2 State people are fleeing. The county won't lose the money, they're going to transfer the tax burden to those who stay. If you're staying, start fighting. Our clients only pay $125 a Year and our 3 Year Service Package is only $225. That saves you 40% and averages out to only $75 a year. All reductions and refunds are 100% yours! Do nothing, get nothing. The county is certainly going to get it. TIP: Lowering the taxes, through the appeal process,  can lower your mortgage if your taxes are included in the mortgage payment. Watch HAPPY CLIENT VIDEOS HERE or give us a call 773-409-4405. Walk-Ins Welcome but we appreciate it if you SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT HERE.  

How To Change Name / Address Cook County Property Tax Bill


Step #1

WARNING: If you do a Name Change you should watch your exemptions closely going forward in case they get kicked off. If that happens we'll help you get them started in the correct name. Changing the Mailing Address to another address will likely get ALL exemptions removed, as living in the property is a requirement to get exemptions applied.

You will need to get your PIN NUMBER from the top of an old tax bill or SEARCH BY ADDRESS here to LOOK IT UP. Your PIN NUMBER looks like this: 00-00-000-000-0000. WRITE IT DOWN. 


Step #2

Go here to the Cook County Treasurers website to Check the Name and Address on your Cook County Property Tax Bill. You can also UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION. It's Important PROPERTY ADDRESS and MAILING ADDRESS match in order to receive exemptions.


Step #3

Click "Update Your Information" it will let you generate a PDF form that you must print and mail into the county. We suggest you make at least 2 additional copies. If your changes are not reflected on the next tax bill, mail another one in. Good Luck!