This is what you get under our low flat fee!

#1 Get ARMED with Professionally gathered evidence

... that is proven to win over time and/or other supporting documentation as proof of over taxation. In some cases, we may inform you that a Closing Statement, Appraisal or Vacancy may help you warrant an even greater reduction. Most owners have no idea which approach warrants the greatest reduction. Having "quality evidence" is best way to warrant a reduction and WIN a Cook County Property Tax Appeal! With thousands of clients rest assured we know the best angles that "warrant the greatest possible reduction". We send this via email or U.S. Mail when its time to file. When is it time? Great question, keep reading.

#2 Get ALERTED when it's time to take action

...this is the 2nd greatest value in our service. There are only a couple 30 day windows each year to GET IN or you're OUT. Once you're in, you have the right to Re-Review, a 2nd chance upon arrival of the initial decision. The county changes the appeal dates year over year so you cannot prepare for battle on the same day every year. From the moment you enroll, we are your Property Tax Watch Dog. You go on with your happy life and we'll watch the dates for you. TIP: Consider adding our new DEADLINE REMINDER phone call service. It saves 22% of our client's asses. That right, we said it.

#3 Get REFUNDS at NO COST. All refunds are 100% yours!

...this is a process of Q&A to determine if you are entitled to refunds on taxes already paid. If you are entitled to any refunds, we send you links to the forms required by the county to obtain refunds along with county instructions. Farlap & Associates does NOT charge customers for refunds on residential properties but they are more than welcome to send us a pizza or take us to Portillos.

#4 Get INFORMED of where to file your appeal online and when

...once you're ARMED with our Professionally gathered evidence, in just a couple minutes. We recently heard that a 7 year old helped his parents. If a 7 year old can do it, you can too!

#5 Add DEADLINE reminder calls, they save your ass all the time!

...Yep, we said it. We are a family business and we call it like we see it. It's our job to save you money. For a small additional fee. We call up to 2 phone numbers when you are approaching the deadline BEFORE YOU MISS IT. Appeal windows open on different dates each year, so you cannot prepare for battle on the same day every year. Go figure. The whole system is setup to get your money and keep your money. We help you keep it in your bank instead of theirs. Thus, the idea is to "enroll now" and just go on with your happy life. Let us worry about the watching the dates and deadlines! 

#6 We are the number #2 State people are leaving. If you're going, take our 3 Year Package, why?

Thinking of leaving? You're not alone. We are now the #2 State people are leaving and Cook (Crook) county isn't going to lose the money. Instead, the tax burden will just get transferred to those who are stuck here. Our service is the #1 best thing you can do to help sell your home because property taxes are the #1 concern of buyers. Your service time is fully transferable at no cost. You can transfer it to the new owner and tell them you paid us in advance. There will be no cost to them, we only need their contact info. You can also transfer it to yourself, if you want to shoot yourself in the other foot by taking up yet another home in Cook county. That's right. We said it. We are a family business, we call it as we see it. It may take some getting use to it.

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