Our Guarantee


Enroll with Confidence. We're 5 Stars Everywhere! Do nothing, get nothing. We guarantee it.

You will WIN some. You will LOSE some. You have up to four attempts per year, because sometimes that's exactly how many tries it takes. The point is you must take action. You have to START NOW and KEEP FIGHTING. Do NOT back down. The more you try, the more likely you will WIN and the quicker you will reduce your property taxes. Whether you choose the ONE YEAR or THREE YEAR service package, WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET A REDUCTION in that time frame. WE ONLY TAKE HOMES WE KNOW WE CAN HELP by first running them through our Research Database! Otherwise, we will not ask you to renew our service until you get a reduction. WE WILL CARRY YOUR PROPERTY FOR FREE UNTIL IT GETS A REDUCTION. It’s just that simple.

The guarantee requires you file your appeals online. Our guarantee requires you give us the whole tax year to work with you and that you make all four attempts in a given tax year. If you skip some, we can't cover you under our guarantee that year. As an example: You will not be covered by the guarantee if you take the ONE YEAR Service Package half way through the year. It would also end half way through the following year. Neither of these years would be covered under the guarantee.

Be a smart shopper by opting for the Three Year Service Package—it’s a 40% discount! You may send in your appeal package by mail, but this way is not covered under our guarantee. Filing online easier and only takes a couple minutes with our simple to follow instructions and screenshots! The first step is to get informed with a FREE evaluation. The second step is even more important, "take action". Enroll and START FIGHTING TODAY. You may wish to educate yourself further by watching “How it Works + Our Gaurantee” by clicking on the Videos Page. You may submit your Cook County property for a Free Evaluation (form located at the bottom of our Homepage). INFORMATION IS POWER. Learn more on our Sign Me Up page! Condos are NOT covered under our guarantee. The best way to do a condo is to do the building as a whole. This would become a commercial appeal. The industry standard for commercial appeals is 25% of the first year's tax savings. We would be happy to extend a discount for first-time commercial business, please call us to discuss.