Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT property taxes. 5 Stars Everywhere.

Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT property taxes. 5 Stars Everywhere.

Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT property taxes. 5 Stars Everywhere.Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT property taxes. 5 Stars Everywhere.Never Pay a Percentage to FIGHT property taxes. 5 Stars Everywhere.

Thousands of ANGRY taxpayers, one mission.


Never pay a percentage to fight Cook County property taxes! You can get reduced up to 4 times a year! No percentage for REFUNDS either! The competition gouges you for 33-50% of Reductions and Refunds! We are a family business and 5 STARS everywhere. Not some places, everywhere.

UPDATE: 07/19/19: Chicago owners are getting SCREWED on the 2018 2nd Installment property tax bill that just arrived. It is due by 08/01/19. Most have not seen it because their banks just opened it and are paying it. The mortgage payment will soon skyrocket to cover the new higher property taxes. We are a family business and we call BS where we see it. What's happening to Chicago is TOTAL BS, plain and simple. Many Chicago owners were hiked 30-60% during the 2018 triennial reassessment (every three years the Cook County Assessor's Office gets to roll out new Property Tax Values on your tax bill). There is no way REAL value increased 30-60% in the last three years. Here are some fun facts. We are now the #2 state people are leaving. Last year we were #1 but New Jersey recently took first place from us. Being the #2 state that people are fleeing is still no high honor. For years we have been warning customers the county is not going to lose the money. Oh no, the tax burden just gets transferred to those who are stuck here and to those doing nothing about it. We are also willing to bet when Chicago owners get their tax bill this July (2019), we will go reclaim the title from New Jersey. We help owners 30 miles around Chicago, that's anyone in Cook County. We decided years ago to send a shock wave into the Property Tax Appeal Industry by being the first company to remove our percentage. We pissed off tons of competitors in the process and that just tells us we are doing something right. Even under our low flat fee, we still run an office where our doors are always open to anyone who is trying to save their home. The county doesn't lose the money our customers save either, that burden also gets transferred to the guy who is doing nothing. You never want to be the guy doing nothing. If your taxes are included in your mortgage, a successful appeal can lower your mortgage payment. Do nothing and property taxes will continue to raise your mortgage. Get the ball rolling with a FREE EVALUATION (below) and we will get back to you, usually within one hour. After you see our research, should you decide to join us, we have a very low flat fee of $125 per year. Yep! That's it! We also have a 3 year package which cuts that price almost in half. We designed it to keep you fighting throughout the 3 year triennial reassessment cycle. How many times can you fight each year? Up to four times, keep reading.


Appeal Property Taxes up to 4 x Year, EACH and EVERY year, online, right from home in minutes.

There are two local agencies in which you can appeal your Cook County property taxes each year. Both have a 2nd chance, so that's up to four attempts you can make each and every year. If you have a lawyer who only helps you every three years, he's old school and he's costing you money. Once you're armed with our professionally gathered evidence, you can start kicking butt up to four times a year. Both agencies allow you to appeal online, from home in just a few minutes. No more going downtown and standing in long lines or worrying about your paperwork getting lost in the shuffle. Cook County uses a Triennial Reassessment cycle. Every 3 years the county rolls out new Estimated Market Values on your property tax bill (that are usually lower than most homes would sell for, keeping many quiet). It's one of many great tricks the county has up it's sleeve that keeps a lot of people from ever fighting. You're gonna learn even more of their tricks on our "Get Wiser" VIDEOS page. Those values only show on the 2nd Installment property tax bill and they stick for 3 years unless you START FIGHTING them. Lawyers LOVE to help you the first year, when you just got smacked with an increase because they will make a killing. They tend to forget you the other two years of the cycle once they already got the biggest chunk out of your checkbook. It's time to lose the lawyer and that's easier than you think. Next step, "DUMP Property Tax Lawyer video". It's easy, even if you signed a contract. Unlike cell phone contracts, that cost you hundreds when you leave, property tax attorney contracts usually only protect them once they file an appeal and only if they win. If your area is not open for appeals now and you stop them before it does, well then, they cannot file when it does open. If they cannot file, they cannot gouge their usual 33-50%. Our clients never pay a percentage for reductions or refunds! Our competition charges for both. We watch the appeal windows for you. If your township is not open yet, great! The idea is to sign up now so we can alert you when it does open and arm you with all you need to prove over-taxation. You will love our flat fee. We are a family business and we will treat you like family, always. We are five stars literally everywhere. Go check. Then hit the SIGN ME UP page.

How It Works + Our Guarantee

We are now the #2 State that people are leaving. New Jersey stole our crown this last year, they are #1.  Cook County is not going to lose the money. The tax burden is just going to get transferred to the guy who is doing nothing. Don't be that guy. Update: The video says you have to mail in docs. No longer true. Everything can be done online. Everyone with a Cook County house should watch this video. See HAPPY CUSTOMER VIDEOS HERE.

3 Steps Away From Kickin' The County's Butt.

Step 1. Enter Address for a FREE EVALUATION below OR skip to STEP 3 because you already know your being screwed worse than your neighbors with similar homes.


We are a family business that helps homeowner's fight their property taxes throughout Cook County and the county is huge. It goes all the way West to Barrington, South to Calumet and North to Winnetka. If you have friends or family in that area, they should all be appealing! Even the In-Laws. lol. Our flat fee is good for single family homes up to 6 unit apartment buildings!

Step 2. Check our References. Five Stars Everywhere Yelp, Facebook, Google and A+BBB


Don't take our word for it, see VIDEO TESTIMONIALS. Some received over $5,000 back. While we do NOT charge our clients for REDUCTIONS or REFUNDS. However, we do say they can send Pizza when they get their property tax refunds! Our competition helps you appeal your property taxes but they do not have our low flat fee. Most only fight for you ONCE every 3 years. This is OLD SCHOOL and costing you BIG TIME. They ALL gouge taxpayers for 33-50% of Reductions and Refunds!

Step 3. Sign Up and Get Ready to Fight!


1 Year Service Package $125 flat fee.

3 Year Service Package $225 flat fee.

The 3 Year Service Package is 40% off.

It averages out to only $75 a year!

All REDUCTIONS are 100% yours. 

You can be REDUCED up to 4 times a year.

All REFUNDS are 100% yours.

Get ALERTED when your property tax appeal window is OPEN.

Get ARMED with PROOF of over-taxation.

Start Stickin' It To The Man.
The Man who has been Stickin' it to you.

The days of paying a percentage are over.

Free Cook County Property Tax Evaluation Form NOT for CLIENT

This form is for FIRST TIME FREE EVALUATIONS it is NOT FOR UPDATING CURRENT CUSTOMERS. Current customers may request update via email (bottom of page). Our family owned, 5 Star everywhere company, is about to run your property through our quarter million dollar Research Database. If it finds proof of over-taxation, we'll show you. We usually get back to you within the hour. If you see 773-409-4405 calling, that's us.

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