Secrets to a Successful Cook County Property Tax Appeal.

 We address the benefits of appealing as well as the fears associated with fighting your property taxes in cook county Illinois. Never pay a percentage to fight your Cook County property taxes! The competition takes 33-50% of Reductions and Refunds, our clients NEVER pay for either! 

How Cook County Tricks Senior Citizens.

I can't begin to tell you how many seniors we talk to and ask if their getting their senior exemption"s"? plural. They quickly say "No, I make too much".

There are is not one but two senior exemptions. Only the Senior Freeze has a maximum household income. It was recently raised from $55,000 to $65,000.

The other is for anyone 65 or older, living in the house. You will likely be entitled to refunds if this has been missing. Our clients get te

You can bring the horse to water but you can't make it drink

Information is power. We like to share information but we can't make you listen. With thousands of client's the process appears to work much smoother for the people who listen to us. Just like with any big family we have some who don't. 

Understanding your Cook County property tax bills.

Every 3 years the Cook County Assessor gets to roll out new values on your tax bill that stick for 3 years unless you figh them within 30 days of when they hit.

When do they hit? Never on the same day every year. The whole sytem is setup to GET and KEEP your money. We help you keep it in your bank instead of theirs. Here is why property taxes go up each and every year, even thought the value is the same for 3.  Even Seniors on the Freeze have to deal this. The Freeze, freezes value not dollars.

Do you like magic? Good. Disappearing Appeal History.

True Story. 

Angleo: Hi I noticed appeal history goes missing on your website here and there.

Assessor Rep : Ok we'll tell John when he gets in. 

Angelo: John doesn't have a team member who can look into it?

Assessor Rep: Nope. It's just John.

Angelo: It's just John on the day shift?

Assessor: There is only a day shift. 

Moral of story, records are horrible. It's why we're here and why you should be appealing.

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