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When we made the decision to get rid of our percentage for REDUCTIONS, we also made the decision to get rid of our percentage for REFUNDS too. We have thousand of competitors all of which still gouge 33-50% of BOTH reductions AND refunds! Since clients do NOT pay us ANYTHING for refunds, many do other nice things. Like send us PIZZA (we are asking for healthier choices in 2019 lol, we're all getting fat) or you can TAKE US OUT for lunch! This customer actually asked me what my favorite Filipino dish was and I told here. The very next day she showed up with pork adobo for entire office! She was thrilled because she got more than $5,000 back from Cook County with our help!

Customer talks about painful taxes and a Bow and Arrow.

She says what everybody wants to say without holding back, just like my mother. She describes her painful Cook County property taxes with a dash of profanity. Her and my mother were probably separated at birth. They talk for hours in the office about everything. Life, love, loss, theater and of course our horrible government. We are a family business and our doors are always open. Feel free to come in and get treated like family. Appointments are not required but it does help us get research data ready ahead of time. Click I WANT TO + MAKE AN APPOINTMENT (above). 

It's a REPETITIVE business but also a REWARDING one.

We love helping our customers fight the big bad government. We give them everything they need via email "Property Tax Appeal Packages" to PROVE over-taxation, usually within 72 hours of their 30 day appeal window opening. They have at least 27 days to see the email and submit it to the county online. That is one of the toughest tricks for owners who choose to appeal on their own, catching the 30 day window. They never open on the same day each year, so you can't prepare for battle on the same day each year. Our customers pay is to make sure they don't miss the windows!  For an additional small fee, we offer Deadline Reminder Calls. The Deadline Dialer saves everyone's BUTT at least once a year! We recently upgraded it to call TWO phone numbers, so spouses can't blame each other when things get missed. This customer says if it wasn't for the Deadline Reminder call, he would have missed the window. The who trick to winning is getting in as many times as you can each year. You can get in and FIGHT up to four times each and EVERY year!  If your using a lawyer who only likes to help you every 3 years, the year you get HIKED, he's costing you big time. Watch DUMP YOUR LAWYER under VIDEOS tab above.

One Family Member Tells Another.

You think people with multiple properties would be rolling in cash. Not if those properties are in Cook County. Two brothers, one taxi, five buildings, one foot out the door. If you gotta go, we get it. If you gotta stay, call us 773-409-4405.

Sometimes you gotta get em' in the car. He does all the time

Only 15% fight, 85% do nothing. They are the ones hurting 100% of taxpayers.Go find one and throw them in the car.

He is all smiles. Rightfully so.

We never charge our clients for refunds. We tell them they can send a Pizza when the check arrives. This customer is welcome to send 4 pizzas. lol.

Vets do anything for anybody. We'd do anything for a Vet.

Some people do not appreciate Veterans. I am not that person. I am the one who knows I am able to rest my head each night without worry because of people like him and the daily sacrifices they make for all of us. It felt good to put a little coin back in his pocket. It felt real good actually. 

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Only 15% appeal their Cook County property taxes, 85% do nothing. Why?

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