Real People. Real Money. No Percentage. $5,000 in Refunds!

Check out this great video

Speaking freely out the Cook County robbery! *Explicit*

She says what she feels. Plus a Bow & Arrow. lol.

It's a repetitive business. Also a rewarding one.

He mentiones the Deadline Reminder Calls. For a small additional fee, we offer Deadline Reminder Calls. It saves about 20% of our clients who would have otherwise dropped the ball and missed an Appeal window. 

One Family Member Tells Another.

You think people with multiple properties would be rolling in cash. Not if those properties are in Cook County. Two brothers, one taxi, five buildings, one foot out the door. If you gotta go, we get it. If you can't go, call us.

Sometimes you gotta get em' in the car. He does all the time

Only 15% fight, 85% do nothing. They are the ones hurting 100% of taxpayers.Go find one and throw them in the car.

He is all smiles. Rightfully so.

We never charge our clients for refunds. We tell them they can send a Pizza when the check arrives. This customer is welcome to send 4 pizzas. lol.

Vets do anything for anybody. We'd do anything for a Vet.

Some people do not appreciate Veterans. I am not that person. I am the one who knows I am able to rest my head each night without worry because of people like him and the daily sacrifices they make for all of us. It felt good to put a little coin back in his pocket. It felt real good actually. 

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Only 15% appeal their Cook County property taxes, 85% do nothing. Why?

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