Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


By purchasing our 1 year or 3 year service package, you agree to our ELECTRONIC AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES which permits us to charge your credit card for the services you selected. No credit cards are saved. We will inform you when it's time to renew. 

NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. In the rare occasion that we make a mistake, we will offer extended service time. We cannot refund you because you sell or move but our service helps many people sell their homes. Property taxes are the #1 concern of buyers. While we do not offer refunds, our service is totally transferable, to you new house or the new owner, details below.

CONDOS. The best way to appeal a condo is to let us do a FREE EVALUATION first and to do the building as a whole. You will have the highest level of success going this route. However, we understand that some associations are not as proactive as others in regards to fighting their property taxes. In fact, many do nothing and property taxes continue to increase. You have the right to appeal your condo without the others on-board and we can help you do that under our low flat fee. Under our low flat fee, we see the value in our service even with the lower success rate. Most feel good to know they are at least trying. Doing the building as a whole would require much more effort. Therefore, it would become a Commercial Appeal. Commercial appeals are NOT done under our low flat fee. We could help you a as a whole at the Assessor's Office level, the first agency to open each year. However, you would still need to hire a lawyer for the Board of Review, the 2nd agency each year, if the Assessor's Office does not grant you a fair reduction or denies you completely. Most companies take a 25% contingency fee for Commercial appeals, as do we. However, we would be happy to extend a discount for FIRST TIME Commercial customers, simply call us for details. If condos enroll near deadlines, we may send them GENERIC APPEAL instructions which buy there place in line as well as additional days to get evidence into the county VIA US MAIL. Please understand that if you enroll a condo, and file the generic appeal, even though you bought additional time to get documentation in VIA US MAIL, we may NOT be able to gather that evidence for you in time or we may determine the property taxes to be FAIR, since we were not given time to do a FREE EVALUATION on the property first. We want to remind you of our NO REFUND policy. Hopefully, under these circumstances lower homes will service between now and the next agency. While property values are so horrible, we see better and better comparable homes surfacing as they go in and out of two different agencies that open every 4 to 6 months. Our best advice would be to hang in there and hope lower comparable homes surface for your appeal. On the other hand, if we tell you that your property taxes are fair, that means you are one of the lowest homes out there. Now you want to keep it there by continuing with our service. *The Board of Review has been known to occasionally decline a single unit owner filing on his own without the rest of the building taking appeal action also*. *We have also seen it where 3 owners of a 3 unit building, each submitted their appeal online, and we denied for not doing the paperwork as a whole. We think this is very wrong on the county's part.*

SERVICE IS TRANSFERABLE AT NO COST. In the event you sell your home, we would be happy to transfer your remaining service time to the new owner or to your new property as long as it is in Cook County IL.

ACCOUNT DEACTIVATION. When you service time ends, your account is will be deactivated. You will no loner receive appeal alerts or packages.

REACTIVATION FEE: If your account lapses more than 30 days, you will be charged a $50 reactivation fee. Avoid this by keeping the account current. Service time can be added to your account at any time. 


COMMUNICATION. By enrolling you agree to accept emails, phone calls and text messages from us.

ZERO LIABILITY. By enrolling you Agree at no point in time shall you hold Farlap & Associates liable for anything. 

We reserve the right to make changes to our website, services offered, terms and conditions, as well as our pricing, at any time, without notice or warning.